Webinar – Human Factors in Cybersecurity

On Tuesday, August 8th, 2017 we discussed Human Factors in Cyber Security. The discourse surrounding human performance in cyber security remains a relevant topic; nevertheless, the scientific underpinning remains deficient. Human error is the...

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Webinar – SOC Analyst Fundamentals

On Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 at 6:00 PM EDT we discussed defensive tools/techniques to understand SOC Analyst Fundamentals and why SOC Analysts are so highly sought after with the increasing hacking incidents. When most people hear "hacking", they think...

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Virtual Training – CISSP Review

On Thursday, July 6th Donald Parker provided us with some helpful review of CISSP key terms. He also capped the session off with a round of CISSP Jeopardy. Donald is the lead instructor for the CISSP training program, which will start on July 10th. We understand that...

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Webinar – Buffer Overflows

Arash Parsa, a self-taught OSCP certified information security practitioner, provides details on buffer overflows and various shellcode options. Having a clear understanding requires lots of devotion, time, and effort. It shows that you have a passion for information...

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Bio: Antwan King

Antwan is currently enrolled in the Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigation Master’s Program at University of Maryland University College. At an early age Antwan found his passion for computers by playing Oregon Trail. Antwan received his Bachelor’s Degree in...

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