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We are committed to providing government and industry partners with the services and knowledge of security strategies and techniques that balance technology, people, and processes to ensure the protection of information.

Cyber Security Training

With a passion for teaching and a love for information security; we strive to provide premium training without the premium cost.

Meetup Group Organization

Join the largest Cyber Security Meetup group in the world to discuss topics from Information Security to the latest vulnerabilities and exploits at the unclassified level.

Staffing & Recruiting

Our standing in the community easily allows us to fill job openings. Submit a resume or purchase a jobs package.

DCMeetup Sponsorship

Organized by Tyrone E. Wilson, President of Cover6 Solutions, The D.C. Cyber Security Professionals Meetup Group comprises nearly 5,000 professionals, also known as Cyber Warriors from all aspects of Cyber Security. Through our Meetup network as well as additional Social Media outlets, sponsors have the ability to reach thousands of individuals and companies. @DCCyberWarriors #DCCyberWarriors

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Cover6 Workshops

Our goal is to provide premium training without the premium cost

Pentester Prep Workshop

A two-day, hands-on workshop that helps individuals expand their offensive skills and techniques.

SOC Analyst Prep Workshop

The defensive equivilent of the Pentester Prep Workshop. This workshop was also chosen to be taught at #BSidesDC.

Virtual Training

With GoToWebinar as our platform, we're able to educate individuals from all over the world.

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Webinar – Threat Intel 101 w/ Aaron Gee-Clough

On Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 as we discussed Threat Intel 101 with Aaron Gee-Clough, CTO at King & Union. Feeling a bit inundated with threat feeds? We understand that threat intelligence can be tricky. Join us as we discuss the basics of the...