Cyber Security Consulting

There is a battle being fought in Cyber Space and we all, knowingly or unknowingly, participate in this battle every day.

Veteran Owned, Veteran Operated

From the war-front, to the cyber front. We are here to protect.

Penetration Testing

Cover6 Solutions will provide all of your technical penetration testing needs. Cover6 Solutions uses all of the latest tools and techniques for testing your sensitive computer enterprise system as well as Black Hat, White Hat and Gray Hat testing scenarios for a number of organizations. Tools such as Metasploit, Armitage, NMAP, and Nessus that are both, over the counter, and open source applications will be applied. Additionally, Cover6 Solutions will provide first hand warning orders, pre-penetration briefings and in-depth after action reviews to ensure your organization is ready and prepared for any type of cybersecurity threat posed to your organization’s network architecture.

D.C Cyber Security Professionals

Cover6 Solutions has a unique information and knowledge management system for sharing, training, networking and professional development. Its the Cover6 Solutions Meetup Group Organizations and sponsorships. Cover6 Solutions provides detailed technical talks, discussions, training workshops, networking events, and professional sponsored events for all things cybersecurity related for the benefit of advancing the cybersecurity knowledge base and professional advancements.

Information Security Training

One of Cover6 Solutions’ specialties is the art of training the cybersecurity professional, executive level, technicians and users on all aspects of cybersecurity. Cover6 Solutions can provide training for most certifications, security programming languages such as Python and Perl scripting languages, policies, auditing, law and ethics, and cyber threat intelligence report writing.

Network Security Consulting

In addition to all of the many other services provided by Cover6 Solutions, we also provide network security consulting for all systems, network operations, data center operations, network monitoring operations, network operating center (NOC) operations management, security operating center (SOC) operations management, and system architecture, design and organizational structure management capabilities to assist in keeping your organization operating efficiently.

Talent Acquisition

Through a large following of over 5,000 cybersecurity professionals and organizations, Cover6 is a respected source for education and training. We are committed to providing government and industry partners with the services and knowledge of security strategies and techniques that balance technology, people, and processes to ensure the protection of information. Contact us for your staffing needs.

“Working with Cover6 was creative, innovative, and proactive. The professionalism and level of sophistication is unparallel.”

Tainiko Lowman

Freelance Cyber Security Consultant