Innovate, Automate, and Dominate. Time to SOAR.

Join us on Thursday, July 30th, 2020 at 11:30 as JR Presmy discusses Security Operations Centers (SOCs), Security, SOAR, Automation, and Python.

Have you ever watched an asset get infected and was unable to respond? This is probably one of the worst feelings as a security analyst. This might have been due to the approvals, tickets, or process needed for action. Nevertheless, these kinds of situations can be avoided with SOAR. In this session, you will learn how to integrate SIEM and SOAR and learn how to choose use cases for security automation. We will leverage monitoring tools to ensure automation is working as expected. Use cases for automation with SOAR.

JR Presmy (@jayrprez) is a Cyber Security Professional from South Beach, Florida. JR has developed the architect of security solutions for some major groups including Army Material Command, and John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory. Over 15 years of Information Technology experience informs his work to help clients deal with the present and future of Cyber Threats. JR has consulted on Cybersecurity for data centers, cloud solutions, Security Operations Centers, and more. From his start as a Network Engineer and continuing through a wide range of positions in Security and IT at managerial levels, JR has been on the front lines of the Cyber Security battle around the world.

JR is a security engineer with 19 years of experience and has spoken at BSides Delaware, Charm, and DC. Additionally, he is an active member of the infosec community, has helped CompTIA Develop exam material, and holds a Masters in Digital Forensics.

JR Presmy

Splunk Architect | Phantom Developer

This session will be recorded and a copy of the video will be posted on this page as well as on our YouTube Channel.

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