Free Virtual CISSP Training w/ Donald Parker

Watch as Donald Parker provides a free review of important CISSP terms & topics. Mr. Parker is a very established instructor who has a very popular podcast.

Donald Parker provided us with some helpful reviews of CISSP key terms. He also capped the session off with a round of CISSP Jeopardy. Donald is the lead instructor for the CISSP training program, which will start on July 10th. We understand that this certification is an advanced one to study for, so we’d like to provide you with all the help that we can. Our FREE virtual training will help you gain familiarity with key terms, and you will have the opportunity to ask Donald Parker any CISSP questions that you have. We plan to have free sessions once a month.

Donald Parker is a Sergeant in the US Army, cybersecurity instructor, inventor, author, and consultant to the Federal Government. He has dedicated his career of over 23 years to the Information Technology industry with a particular focus on Information Security. Mr. Parker has taught CISSP and other cybersecurity classes all over the United States and abroad, including Holland, Germany, and Guam. He holds a US patent for a physical computer security device that he believes will provide the greatest defense to one of the greatest threats on the Internet, Bot Networks. Parker has authored a book on how to pass the CISSP exam and has published an audio version of the book online with over a million downloads. He has helped federal agencies and fortune 100 corporations comply with the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape.

As an independent consultant and small business owner for the past ten years, he completed short to midterm contracts with more than 15 different public and private sectors. Many of Mr. Parker’s customers and students refer to him as a one-person band in the sense that; he can identify the laws, regulations, requirements, and policies that an organization must comply with and implement the security controls necessary to demonstrate compliance. Donald is also the coordinator of a group that meets online and in-person weekly to have fun and prepare for the CISSP exam by competing in games of CISSP Jeopardy. Through his podcasting, consulting, and classroom instruction efforts, Donald’s ultimate goal is to stop hackers and advance the field of Information Security/Assurance.

About the CISSP

The CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) certification is vendor-neutral and globally recognized. This certification is ideal for individuals who’ve had at least three years of experience in the field and have demonstrated the skills needed to design, engineer, implement, and manage their overall information security structure.

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