Web Application Testing Webinar w/ Ben Pick

What is web application testing? How do I find "bugs" in my code? How can I ensure my web sites are safe & secure. Mr. Ben Pick provides all of those answers.

On Tuesday, May 16th, 2017, we discussed Web Application Testing. Web applications provide a vulnerable window into private enterprises. These applications often process and use poorly validated input. This presentation discusses methodologies to identify and exploit such vulnerabilities within the apps.

The target audience for this talk ranges from those with limited prior knowledge of web application testing to those with a moderate understanding.

Presenter(s): Mr. Ben Pick has eight years of security and development experience, including vulnerability assessments of web and mobile applications, analyzing source code for security risks, and configuring architecture to monitor systems for unusual activities. For the past few years, Ben has worked to incorporate security into DevOps environments by merging security tools within the software development lifecycle. This includes automating static code analysis and vulnerability tools on development environments, which act as supplemental resources for manual tests.

Reference(s): Mr. Ben Pick – Coveros – https://www.coveros.com/

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