F**k You, Pay Me - Knowing Your Worth and Getting Paid w/ Liana McCrea & Alyssa Miller

Join us on March 4th, 2021 at 11:30 EST as Liana McCrea and Alyssa Miller share valuable tips about knowing your worth and negotiating salaries.

In any job search, you’ll no doubt be asked some variation of the inevitable question, “What are your salary expectations?” For many this question induces anxiety. What should I get paid? What’s a fair salary? It can be a hard question of how to maximize earnings without pricing ourselves out of a potential role. Then the offer comes and it’s less than you asked for. Can you negotiate, should you negotiate, how should you negotiate for better compensation? What other things like bonuses, time off, benefits, etc. are on the table?

Let’s talk about real-world strategies for knowing your worth in each job you apply for, how to position yourself for getting the pay you deserve, and considerations to account for in the negotiation process. You’ll hear about lessons learned that every job seeker should be aware of before submitting that first application or sending in a resume. The discussion will even cover how to know when what your prospective employer is saying is a legitimate constraint versus posturing for negotiating purposes. Ultimately, you’ll walk away ready to go into your next job search with the same bravado as Paulie from Goodfellas and be ready to tell them “F**k you, pay me”.

Lovingly called Maverick by her peers, South FL native Liana McCrea is no stranger to Hard Work and Perseverance.

As a former Public Safety Coordinator for a 215,000 sq. building, her responsibilities including keeping the DOI, USGS, and FL Senator Bill Nelson’s team – safe.

Now, as a Disabled, Black, and Indigenous Woman in Tech, Liana champions her voice to serve as a beacon to the Cybersecurity industry as she continues her journey towards becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker.

Her life-long dream is to use #OSINTForGood to create a non-profit organization to highlight the Missing, Endangered, and Unidentified Minorities that aren’t highlighted in the media so that families can be reunited once and for all.

Liana McCrea

Alyssa Miller is a life-long hacker, programmer, and security advocate. She’s always had a passion for computers, she bought her first PC at age 12 and taught herself BASIC programming. Her career began as a software developer and later pivoted to security as a penetration tester. She has 15 yrs. experience in security leadership across enterprise, consulting, and security product roles, and has built multiple successful security testing and consulting teams.

Alyssa crusades against imposter syndrome and advocates for aspiring security professionals trying to find a path into security. She’s a researcher, author and internationally recognized speaker. Her advocacy extends to expanding diverse representation from all backgrounds in security. She’s a member of the Women in Cyber Security (WiCyS) racial equity committee, a Women of Security (WoSEC) chapter leader and presented at She Speaks Security at RSA USA 2020. She currently works as an application security advocate for Snyk.

Alyssa Miller


This session will be recorded and a copy of the video will be posted on this page as well as on our YouTube Channel.

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