1st Time Speaker Series w/ Leticia Bledsoe, KaShonna Evans & Khalilah Scott

Join us as our 1st Time Speakers, Leticia Bledsoe, KaShonna Evans, and Khalilah Scott share their experiences about joining the Cybersecurity industry and passing the Security+ exam.

Leticia Bledsoe is a Customer Service Representative with an Associates Degree from the Univ. of Maryland University College. Leticia’s work provided her extensive experience in the medical field, Help Desk Support, System Administration, video teleconferencing trainer, network controller, and SATCOM technician. An avid participant in Latin dance she is also enrolled with UMGC and currently working on her Bachelor’s Degree in computer networks and cybersecurity. She is currently an intern at Cover6 Solutions and an active member of the Buddhist organization Soka Gakkai International (SGI). Lastly, her favorite motto is “free your spirit and dance with life.”

Leticia Bledsoe

KaShonna Evans’ professional background started in retail. After she graduated with an A.A. degree, she continued to work with her local college bookstore as a bookseller, eventually becoming the assistant manager. Working there for about 8 years really developed skills that she didn’t think would transfer into tech. After a lot of hesitation and seeking out advice, she decided to go back to college for her B.A.S. in Technology Development and Management with a concentration in Cybersecurity last year. As someone new in the field, it has been a journey finding out what interests her, studying for the Security+ exam, and narrowing down roles that would fit what she ultimately wanted in a career in this industry. It’s thanks to this and the general tech community that she’s able to find the motivation to continue to learn and ultimately, return the favor.

KaShonna Evans

Khalilah Scott is a third-year Purdue student majoring in Infosec and the Founder of TechSecChix, a group geared towards helping and supporting women in tech that may be transitioning from a different career, new to the field, or have been in the industry for many years. She has two daughters in college that inspired her to pursue her love for technology and cybersecurity. Scott’s upcoming engagements include #ShareTheMicinCyber, #InfosecUnplugged with Davin Jackson, and an upcoming Infosec summer internship. Some of her previous engagements include appearing on the Cyber Warrior Studios: Security Happy Hour, Assistant speaker for Tyrone E. Wilson for his “Introduction to Cybersecurity” Course for the BIC conference, and the CryptoHarlem Live show. She is currently still transitioning into cyber and believes she has a perspective and a voice for people that are new and learning how to break into cybersecurity, the certification process, and how to stay grounded while on a journey to prove that we belong here!

Khalilah Scott

This session will be recorded and a copy of the video will be posted on this page as well as on our YouTube Channel.

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