Working Hard? You Deserve Arrays w/ Blake Regan

Blake Regan discusses what an array is, why should you care, how to create an array, how to add and remove data from an array, indexing into an array to get specific values and the practical use cases for arrays.

What if there was an amazing way to organize and process data sets both large and small, and let Powershell do all the hard work for you? A Powershell array is the way! There are so many practical uses for an array and we plan to cover several use cases and let the code do the talking.

Blake Regan works as a Senior Security Engineer for Wesco Distribution, where he focuses on improving enterprise security posture and automating Active Directory related business processes with Powershell. Prior to Wesco, Blake worked at Motorola Solutions as an Engineer securing Government and Public Safety Land Mobile Radio systems. Blake attended ITT Technical Institute in Oak Brook, IL where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Security with National Technical Honor Society Highest Honors. Blake currently holds GIAC GCWN, GCIH, Security+, Network+, and Project + certifications. Prior to starting in InfoSec 10 years ago, Blake worked in the building trades and ran his own remodeling business. He lives with his wife and daughter in Illinois.

Blake Regan

Sr. Security Engineer

This session will be recorded and a copy of the video will be posted on this page as well as on our YouTube Channel.

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