On Thursday, October 11th, 2018 we discussed Command and Control with PowerShell Empire. An important part of performing penetration tests, and identifying malicious activity as a defender, is understanding command and control (C2) channels and concepts. In this webinar, we provided an introduction to the principles of command and control channels and demonstrated basic C2 usage with PowerShell Empire.

Chris Myers: Chris is an experienced penetration tester with 5 years in the information security industry. He’s led a diverse range of red team assessments, from internal networks to spear-phishing exercises, to web and mobile applications. His areas of interest include exploit development, offensive security training and education, and automation and tool development.

Barrett Adams: Barrett is also a penetration tester and security professional with experience performing a variety of red team assessments. His focus has been on assessing externally facing networks, where he has developed a number of useful automation scripts to search for, consolidate, and organize a company’s internet presence. More recently, he has created red team tools such as Invoke-PSImage for stealthy payload delivery and Invoke-WCMDump for dumping Credential Manager passwords.