Developing your Cyber Career Action Plan w/ Teresa Allison

On Tuesday, May 15th, 2018 we discussed Developing Your Cyber Career Action Plan with Teresa Allison.

On TuesdayMay 15th, 2018 we discussed Developing Your Cyber Career Action Plan with Teresa Allison, an Independent Consultant of MBO Partners.

This webinar is a great opportunity to know how to transition to a career in cybersecurity. Teresa walks you through the steps that you need to take in order to explore your cyber career options. It gives you a structured framework for exploring your interest in cyber, researching cyber positions, learning about cyber policies and standards, learning cyber tools, obtaining cyber / IT certifications, as well as applying for cyber jobs.

Teresa Allison is an Independent Consultant with MBO Partners. She has worked in the field of information technology consulting for over 18 years. She provides clients with solutions for managing multi-billion dollar IT programs. She specializes in strategic planning, budgeting, performance management, portfolio management, governance, risk management, legal & regulatory compliance, project management, program management, process improvement, business operations transformation, strategic communications and stakeholder management.

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