Remote Work: Protecting Against Cyber & Privacy Legal Pitfalls

On April 2nd, 2020, Ms. Antonia Dumas, Esquire discussed some issues to think about regarding working remotely from both a cybersecurity & legal perspective.

On April 2nd, 2020, Ms. Antonia M. Dumas, Esquire, discussed how to protect yourself against cyber and privacy legal pitfalls and liabilities. With the current concerns regarding the spread and impact of COVID-19 (“Coronavirus”), many companies are asking or requiring their employees to work remotely. If your organization or your clients are considering this option, they need to consider data security and privacy implications. We will discuss some issues to think about regarding working remotely from both cybersecurity and legal perspective.

Antonia M. Dumas is a consultant at XPAN Law Group, a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (“WBE”) and Women Owned Small Business (“WOSB”). At XPAN, Antonia works with clients to create proactive, streamlined and global approaches to cybersecurity and data privacy. She performs audits, assessments and gap analysis of a client’s existing contractual and technological infrastructure. Domestically, she conducts cyber-regulatory compliance assessments, including HIPAA and state-specific regulations. She also helps conduct international privacy compliance assessments under the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). Further, she assists in the implementation of cyber best practices.

Antonia has experience in a variety of different sectors (e.g., banking, marketing, sales, hospitality, legal, education, etc.) through which she has gained an insight into potential cybersecurity and data privacy vulnerabilities for various types of businesses and industries. Additionally, she contributes a unique global perspective from living, studying and working abroad in Spain for several years, as well as her love of travel.

Antonia M. Dumas, Esquire


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