Network Emulation & Virtual Environments with EVE-NG

Jeremy Duncan discusses network emulation with EVE-NG; a tool that provides network admins with ways to create virtual environments.

EVE-NG is a tool similar to GNS3 that provides network admins with ways to simulate routers, switches, firewalls, and numerous other virtual appliances. You can create a network lab with devices from Cisco, Juniper, Citrix, Arista, A10, Alcatel, Checkpoint, F5, Palo Alto, PFSense, SonicWALL, Trend Micro TippingPoint vTPS, and so much more. If the network vendor has a virtual appliance, it can more than likely run in an EVE-NG environment. You can even add Linux and Windows server images. Supporting a huge network/security/system migration or upgrade, but don’t have the lab to test all of the specific scenarios out fully? That’s where EVE-NG can help. The community version is 100% free and open source. This talk will take you through the platform and how to add images, with a demo of an end-to-end test.

Jeremy has spent over 15 years working in enterprise IT doing next-generation technology deployments like IPv6, advanced networking, and open source solutions. He regularly participates with the North American IPv6 Task Force; often speaking at the North American IPv6 Summits each year. Jeremy spent 11 years in the U.S Marine Corps deploying to Iraq twice during Operation Iraqi Freedom 1 and 2 as a Communications and Information Systems Officer. Jeremy has worked in the DoD with a wide range of information security, network engineering, and network architecture experiences with the Pentagon JSP, DISA, DLA, JITC, DTRA, and DTIC. He currently leads up Tachyon Dynamics’ DoDIN APL Consulting and IPv6 training and engineering portfolios. He holds a Master of Science in Information Systems.

Jeremy Duncan

Managing Partner

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