Giving Back: Virginia Military Institute

Virginia Military Institute

On April 22nd, the Cover6 team had the pleasure of visiting Virginia Military Institute with the goal of assessing their IT security infrastructure and newly formed Cybersecurity program. We were excited to see the campus, meet the cadets and talk cyber with them, but Tyrone was especially ecstatic. With his military ties, he has a special place in his heart for these aspiring cyber warriors and wanted to be able to pass onto them all the knowledge that he could fit in in the span of two and a half hours.

When we first arrived, we had the pleasure of meeting a few cadets who took up the responsibility of planning out the logistics of the visit and I was introduced to Mr. Carlos Fernandez, a VMI alumn. After introductions and a very warm greeting from everyone, we went on a short walk over to the Computer Science building to get business started. All of the cadets who came to participate were brilliant, as they already had Kali Linux installed and were familiar with some of the tools on it. Tyrone spent time going over best practices with using Nmap and the Metasploit Framework with them; they had very intelligent input and questions for him.

After Tyrone’s demonstrations, the whole group tuned into a Cover6 webinar on Buffer Overflows and Shellcode Manipulation. This topic is definitely one of the more complex topics in IT and it was delightful for us to see the curiosity and fascinated looks on everyone’s faces.

The visit was a memorable and marvelous experience for the Cover6 team. We enjoyed hearing the cadets tell their stories about the times that they tinkered around with the tools and learned something from their experience. Cybersecurity takes a lot of tinkering (and possibly breaking things) to get better at. These cadets knew it wouldn’t be easy but they radiated true passion for the subject, which made the trip all the more rewarding for us. We left knowing that our visit left a positive impression on them and on the field of Cybersecurity. We even started a private communication channel with the cadets to be able to keep in touch with them. In the future, we hope to be able to have more opportunities to give back to the community that has inspired us to become the company that we are today.