Minority-Owned & Veteran Operated

From the war-front to the cyber front. We are here to protect your 6!

Cover6 Solutions, LLC is a Virginia-based Veteran-Owned Small Business that delivers trusted Information Security solutions and training.  The Cover6 staff includes certified professionals with vast knowledge of Cybersecurity strategies, security policy creation and enforcement, penetration testing and vulnerability testing.  Through a large following of over 5,000 cybersecurity professionals, Cover6 is also a respected source for education and training. Cover6 is committed to providing commercial and government industry partners the services and knowledge of security strategies and techniques that balance technology, people, and processes to ensure the protection of information.

Cover 6 Solutions, LLC has a combined 20 years of experience in Information Technology and Systems Configuration with 14 years focused on Information Systems & Network Security.  Past personal and professional experience is US Army [Regional Computer Emergency Response Team – Southwest Asia (RCERT-SWA), Cyber Intelligence Center (Ft. Belvoir, VA), Cyber Security Pre-deployment Operations], etc. Cover6 Solutions, LLC has provided extensive expertise in Computer Network Defense; Project and Program Management; Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing; Cyber Threat Analysis; Security Center Operations; Security System Architecture Assessments; Information Systems Engineering; Incident Response; Data Mining; IPv6; and Metasploit; Kali (Linux).

Tyrone E. Wilson

Tyrone E. Wilson

Founder & President

We are obsessed with developing solutions to cover your 6!

Cover6 offers a variety of training solutions for your organization. 

Let us know what you're interested in, we'll bring you up to speed!

Pentester Prep Workshop

A two-day, hands-on workshop that helps individuals expand their offensive skills and techniques.

SOC Analyst Prep Workshop

The defensive equivilent of the Pentester Prep Workshop. This workshop was also chosen to be taught at #BSidesDC.

Virtual Training & Webinars

With GoToWebinar as our platform, we're able to educate individuals from all over the world.

Breaking into Cyber

Held quarterly, and with over 200 RSVP's, these are by far our most popular meetups.


SOC Analyst Fundamentals

Due to the increased interest, we also hold this meetup quarterly and teach various aspects of the "SOC Life."

CISSP or CISO Fundamentals

These meetups are our conduit to the seasoned professional and/or C-level executive.

We have an inherent need to educate and provide premium training without the premium cost!

We want to hear from you! Our services include:

  • Network & Personal Security Assessments
  • Vulnerability Testing & Training
  • Penetration Testing & Training
  • Information Security Consulting
  • Talent Acquisition & Recruiting
  • Meetup Group Organization
  • Social Media Promotion

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