Pentester Prep Workshop

Cover6 Solutions has a passion for teaching and a love for information security; we strive to provide premium training without the premium cost. #PentesterPrep

About the Training

Do you have the desire to go on the offensive? Ever thought about what it would be like to go to work every day as a Penetration Tester (Pentester)? If you want to learn offensive techniques to improve your defensive skill set then this workshop is for you!

Whether you are currently practicing penetration testing and want to learn specific methodologies or have zero knowledge and are just scratching the surface, this is still the workshop for you! Pentester Prep will guide you on the right path on what it takes to become a successful penetration tester.

Agenda Day 1

  • Passive Information Gathering
  • Active Information Gathering
  • Wireshark Fundamentals
  • IPv6 Overview
  • Vulnerability Identification & Analysis
  • Common Services, Threats & Attacks
  • Exploitation
  • Post Exploitation

Agenda Day 2

  • The Metasploit Framework
  • Privilege Escalation Techniques
  • Password Attacks
  • Antivirus & Firewall Evasion
  • Pivoting
  • Wireless Testing
  • Intro to Web Exploitation
  • Buffer Overflows

This workshop does not cover every penetration testing tool, topic and technique in existence, but serves as a comprehensive means to begin the necessary research and self-study in order to continue and maintain a successful understanding of penetration testing and the evolution of vulnerabilities and exploits. We hope you enjoy all the provided content and look forward to working with you in the future.

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