The Human Factors in Cybersecurity with Dr. Calvin Nobles

Dr. Calvin Nobles describes how human performance in cybersecurity remains a relevant topic; nevertheless, the scientific underpinning remains deficient.

On Tuesday, August 8th, 2017, we discussed Human Factors in Cyber Security. The discourse surrounding human performance in cybersecurity remains a relevant topic; nevertheless, the scientific underpinning remains deficient. Human error is the primary contributing factor that leads to malicious activity in cybersecurity. Other domains such as aviation, healthcare, and nuclear power have capitalized on human factors. To reduce accidents and to identify critical phases of operations; consequently, the cybersecurity sector trails behind the industries as mentioned earlier in leveraging human factors.

This presentation aims to leverage organizational culture as a platform to address human factors in cybersecurity. The continuous integration of technology accompanied by (a) advanced persistent threats, (b) ransomware attacks, (c) data breaches, and (d) cyber-attacks increases and threatens the complexity of cybersecurity operations.

Included are examples of conceptual processes, models, and frameworks to influence cyber leaders and professionals to mandate the integration of human factors in cybersecurity.

Presenter: Dr. Calvin Nobles, Ph.D., is a cybersecurity subject matter expert (SME), national security leader, researcher, practitioner, and educator with more than 20 years of experience. He was culminating in a career of military service at the national level in 2017 as a cybersecurity executive and cyber consultant. He is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Maryland University College and Indian Wesleyan University. Calvin is actively involved in the cyber community, volunteering with multiple professional associations, and conducting cybersecurity research. Calvin is the author of the book, Exploring the Implications of Implementing Technologically Advanced Aircraft in General Aviation.

As a cybersecurity expert, Dr. Nobles has fulfilled various operational and leadership positions. He served as a Cyber and Cryptologic Planner, as the Deputy Director of Operations, Deputy Director for Strategy and Governance, Director of National Operations. 

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