Virtual Training – Scanning & Enumeration

Having the ability to enumerate is essential in exploiting operating systems because it is the first part of the penetration testing process. Our instructor, Tyrone E. Wilson, will break down various passive and active information gathering tools. Additionally, we’ll discuss options for IPv6 Reconnaissance. Time permitting, we’ll discuss Threat Modeling and how to exploit what we’ve found.

This three-hour session covers the first four CEHv9 modules:
* Intro to Ethical Hacking
* Footprinting & Reconnaissance
* Scanning Networks
* Enumeration

Handouts will be available to attendees prior to the start of the training!

Virtual Training – Exploitation

The focus is on bridging the gap between service identification and taking advantage of the weaknesses with them. We also focus on gaining familiarity with using the Exploit Database, MSFvenom and generating payloads, and performing various post-exploitation techniques from within the Metasploit Framework.

Handouts will be available prior to the start of the training.

Virtual Training – Buffer Overflows

Mr. Arash Parsa is a self-taught, OSCP certified cyber security researcher with a passion in web application vulnerabilities and binary exploitation. Parsa has practiced penetration testing by doing online CTF’s and Vulnhub to continually expand his skills in hopes to one day be in a challenging pentest environment helping to secure enterprise systems.

Handouts will be available to attendees prior to the start of the training!

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