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CompTIA Security+ Exam Prep Workshop


Join us on October 3rd, 2017 as we hold our first Security+ Exam Prep Workshop. Prem Jadhwani, CEO and President of Intellectual Point, will provide the instruction for this four-hour training session.

The CompTIA Security+ certification designates knowledgeable professionals in the field of security, one of the fastest-growing fields in IT. The CompTIA Security+ certification prep course is designed to provide information technology professionals with the base knowledge on industry-wide topics including communication security, infrastructure security, cryptography, access control, authentication, external attack and operational and organization security.

This entry-level CompTIA Security+ certification provides assurance that the professional has passed a rigorous exam on information security fundamentals. Security+ certification training is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about IT security risks and how to protect your IT infrastructure and information.

Prem Jadhwani works as a Chief Executive Officer and President of Intellectual Point – a Reston, VA based professional IT Training, Education, and Solution Provider. He also serves as a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Government Acquisitions – an IT Solutions Provider and Trusted Advisor to the Federal Government. His primary responsibilities include defining, developing, and delivering professional, hands-on IT Training and Solutions in the areas of Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Data Center, Networking, Big Data Analytics, Mobility, Internet of Everything, and Emerging Technologies.

  • Learn tips and tricks on how to successfully find the right keyword and answer the Security+ questions in a correct manner
  • Learn the way to effectively manage your time on the test
  • Learn how to successfully attempt the new scenario based questions, performance-based questions and lab simulations
  • Learn how to look for clues in the questions and answers and how to handle double negatives effectively to arrive at the correct answer
  • Learn how to effectively use the process of elimination to eliminate the wrong answers and get the right answers
  • Familiarize yourself with the keyword abbreviations, acronyms and all kinds of port numbers and protocols
  • Walk away with a firm grasp of SY0-401 objectives and concepts and improve your level of confidence before you take the real test
  • Walk away with a packet of 150 realistic test questions, answers, and full explanations
  • Walk away with a full realistic 75 question test with detailed explanations
  • Learn from an experienced instructor who has successfully guided thousands of Security+ and CISSP students to success in last 10 years

Note(s): Students have the option to take this training in person or online.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEHv9)

CEH candidates will be immersed into an interactive network hacking environment where they will be shown how to scan, test, hack and secure the systems

A Certified Ethical Hacker is a skilled professional who understands and knows how to look for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in target systems and uses the same knowledge and tools as a malicious hacker but in a lawful and legitimate manner to assess the security posture of a target system(s). The CEH credential certifies individuals in the specific network security discipline of Ethical Hacking from a vendor-neutral perspective.

CEH candidates will be immersed into an interactive network hacking environment where they will be shown how to scan, test, hack and secure the systems. Candidates will learn how perimeter defenses work and how to scan and attack their own networks. CEH candidates learn how intruders escalate privileges and what steps can be taken to secure a system. Candidates will also learn about Intrusion Detection, Policy Creation, Social Engineering, DDoS Attacks, Buffer Overflows and Virus Creation. Understand the art of penetration testing in order to create a network intrusion vulnerability prevention strategy.

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* Intellectual Point Guarantee – If you do not achieve a passing score on your first attempt at the exam within 30 days of completing the class, you will have the option to re-take the entire training course at no additional charge.

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