Summer Cyber Camp 2019

Our 5-day #SummerCyberCamp is designed to expose the fundamentals of cybersecurity to rising Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors in High School.

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You have most likely heard the expression ‘it’s never too late…’

In this case, it’s never too early! If you are in high school or early college and interested in a cybersecurity career, this 5-day camp is perfect for you!

This summer program is designed to expose the fundamentals of cybersecurity to rising Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors in High School. There will be a wide variety of topics that will be covered; from the basics of common computer and network services all the way to network defense and exploitation.

Students will also be exposed to some of the most common industry tools through engaging discussions and lots of hands-on lessons.

We will also:

  1. Cover the powerful tools used by both attackers and defenders.
  2. Provide insight into how cyber attackers think, strategize and execute hacks.
  3. Explore common attack techniques and how to defend against them.
  4. Encourage interpersonal skills through personal and group presentations.
  5. Provide tasks and challenges to keep your student engaged for the entire summer.

Who Should Attend

We understand that as high schoolers, you may not have had real hands-on experience in cybersecurity. Because of this very reason, we have created this program to be an interactive learning environment to enhance your skills!

We foster a fun, collaborative and open environment where trial and error is embraced, failures are utilized as learning tools, and creative thinking is encouraged!

For those with little or no experience, this is a great first step in your cybersecurity career!

Agenda: Day 1

  • Home Lab Setup
  • Passive Information Gathering
  • Windows & Linux OS Familiarization
  • Common Services, Threats & Attacks

Agenda: Day 2

  • Wireless Testing
  • Active Information Gathering
  • Vulnerability Identification & Analysis
  • IPv6 Overview

Agenda: Day 3

  • Wireshark Fundamentals
  • The Metasploit Framework
  • Exploitation
  • Post Exploitation

Agenda: Day 4

  • Windows Forensics
  • IDS / IPS Tools
  • Incident Handling & Response
  • Threat Hunting

Agenda: Day 5

  • Tools of the Trade
  • Capture the Flag (CTF)
  • Certificate Ceremony

About the Instructors & Volunteers

Tyrone E. Wilson
Founder / PResident

"I've been blessed to have a platform where I can use my expertise in cybersecurity to help provide a better future for others."

"We may never play in the NBA or NFL but there is nothing stopping us from being a CTO, CISO, etc."

"To anyone who ever considered giving up... DON'T"

Mr. Tyrone E. Wilson is an information security professional with over 20 years of experience in information technology and systems configuration, including information systems and network security. Wilson also has extensive knowledge in computer network defense, vulnerability assessments, cyber threat analysis, and incident response. Currently, Wilson is the Founder and President of Cover6 Solutions; which teaches companies and professionals various aspects of information security, penetration testing, and IPv6. Wilson is also the organizer of a 7,000+ person Information Security meetup group called The D.C. Cybersecurity Professionals.

In addition to conducting over 100 meetups, Wilson is also on the Review Board of BSides NoVA and has recently presented and/or taught classes at major conferences and events such as BSidesNoVA 2019BSides DC 2018ISACA-GWDC Cybersecurity & Risk ConferenceISSA Mid Atlantic Security ConferenceBSides NoVA 2017BSides DC 2017, and DCCyberWeek 2017. Mr. Wilson will also be a Keynote Speaker at Hacker Halted 2019.

Aside from being the Founder of Cover6 Solutions, Mr. Wilson's professional experience includes leading roles at agencies such as INSCOM, RCERT-SWA, JTF-GNO/USCYBERCOM, Dept. of Energy, and the FBI. 

More about Cover6 Solutions More about The D.C. Cyber Security Professionals

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