DCMeetup Sponsorship

Organized by Tyrone E. Wilson, President of Cover6 Solutions, The D.C. Cyber Security Professionals Meetup Group comprises nearly 5,000 professionals, also known as Cyber Warriors from all aspects of Cyber Security. Through our Meetup network as well as additional Social Media outlets, sponsors have the ability to reach thousands of individuals and companies.

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Benefits of Being a Sponsor

As a sponsor, you will gain name recognition, build a network of contacts, and identify potential business leads from the area’s leading cyber security professionals. The meetup group also allows sponsors and keynote speakers a chance to promote their products and themselves while giving our members a chance to receive free training as well as potential member discounts to conferences and various gatherings.

Increased Name Recognition

Among an invested community of cybersecurity professionals hailing from local and international organizations


Among a close-knit, group of leading cybersecurity professionals and industry representatives

Direct Access

To a community of tenured and up-and-coming in-demand talent and industry players

Establish Organization as Thought Leaders

Engage the Cover6 community with ongoing talks and product demonstrations

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors generously provide free training, product demonstrations, and discounts on products and services for Meetup members.

By helping us secure larger venues, expert speakers and training workshops, our sponsors foster invaluable education, solidarity, and collaboration that encourage important breakthroughs. For this we proudly introduce your brand to our members, and strive to meet your cybersecurity and business needs with customizable advertising, product placements, online logo placements, and speaking opportunities

Meetup Groups

Years of Service

Past Events

Total Members

Our Members

Since 2012, we’ve grown from a modest attendance of 50 to a community of more than 5,000 cybersecurity professionals in the DC area alone, as well as sister Meetup groups in Boston and Miami.

Our members include tenured and up-and-coming cybersecurity talent, committed to building their knowledge and skills through technical presentations, training workshops, networking functions and sponsored events. To keep pace with our rapidly evolving industry, the Cover6 Solutions’ Meetups are held twice a month at no cost to our members.

Breaking into Cyber

Held quarterly, and with over 200 RSVP’s, these are by far our most popular meetups.


SOC Analyst Fundamentals

Due to the increased interest, we also hold this meetup quarterly and teach various aspects of the “SOC Life.”

CISSP or CISO Fundamentals

These meetups are our conduit to the seasoned professional and/or C-level executive.

Pentester Prep Workshop

A two-day, hands-on workshop that helps individuals expand their offensive skills and techniques.


SOC Analyst Prep Workshop

The defensive equivilent of the Pentester Prep Workshop. This workshop was also chosen to be taught at #BSidesDC.

Virtual Training & Webinars

With GoToWebinar as our platform, we’re able to educate individuals from all over the world.

Your support is vital to our ability to provide frequent, high-value learning opportunities that benefit the information security community.


Upcoming Events


Frequently Asked Questions

As with anything we’re sure you may have a question or two. That’s is fine and we are here to help. Our goal is alway to have a welcoming, pressure free environment for our members. We don’t ask them for anything other than to show up ready to learn something, add to the group discussion when possible, and spread the word if they enjoyed themselves.

We greatly appreciate any and all assistance. If a full sponsorship is not what you’re looking for but you still would like to support the group by providing a donation in the amount of your choosing.

Thank you in advance and we look forward to hearing from and working with you in the future!

What is the overall technical ability of your members?
Our members level of expertise range from newbies to seasoned professionals. It really depends on the topic at hand. We encourage everyone to attend, this way every questioned can get answered. We can still learn something no matter how long we’ve been in the business.
What is the normal turn out per meetup?
Normally, about 45-75 people or 35% of RSVPs show up.
Is there anything else I should do as a Sponsor?
We will need your logo. Depending on the sponsorship package, we would also need to identify what you are providing the group as well as a brief description and/or pictures of the company. Remember to bring your swag, and if you have prizes for raffles then bring them too!
Are custom sponsorship packages available?
Of course! Just email or call us anytime.

I think that cyber security professionals need more opportunities like these to get together and learn and share best practices and new areas of knowledge.

David H.

Great people who are authentically passionate about cybersecurity and helping inspire and educate the technical community.

Joy A.

Tyrone is an incredible instructor. Not only did he take time to make us feel welcome, he is well-paced, hard working, and teaches an aspect of Offensive Cyber Security that not many of us have before encountered. I enjoyed the courses I attended, and felt that I would like to learn more from this instructor in the coming years.


Contact us for additional questions!