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Appsec in your Clouds

April 16

As cloud infrastructure and platform (IaaS/PaaS) providers differentiate their offerings, many organizations are adopting a multi-cloud strategy to leverage the best of what each world offers. Securing a multi-cloud environment presents challenges, as we need to ensure core controls are replicated across different stacks. We need to protect serverless functions, container orchestration systems, Identity & Access Management (IAM), big data workloads, DevOps pipelines, and secure networking & content delivery across different operating environments.

This presentation focuses on managing security in a multi-cloud operating environment targeting AWS, Azure, GCP and Oracle Cloud. We’ll discuss the key architectural and procedural controls to focus on for strengthening your multi-cloud strategy and security posture. You will walk away with a better understanding of the nuances between cloud offerings, which controls can be applied quickly and consistently, and which controls may differ with competing clouds.

Speaker Bio
Jack is the CEO at nVisium and loves solving problems in the field of application security. With experience building, breaking, and securing software, he founded nVisium in 2009 to invent new and more efficient ways of protecting software. He focuses on solutions for making secure development scale within the SDLC.

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