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Bio: Joel Shuler

Joel Shuler, a recent student of the Cover6 Solutions course offerings and someone who is aspiring to contribute more to developing future cybersecurity professionals. Joel has over 17 years of experience in the commercial and federal sectors.

Webinar: Memory Augmentation Platform: Total Data Awareness and Recall

Polarity has found that humans are good at analysis but bad at recall. Whether it’s a cyber analyst looking for threats, a financial analyst doing research, or anyone else in need of increased awareness – Polarity improves decision making by allowing users to capture, recall, and share intelligence across any workflow.

Bio: Ricky Smith

It’s a pleasure to be a guest blogger and hopefully inspire, give back, and keep you updated on overall cyber news or anything hot that impacts us as security professionals.

Cybersecurity Risks in Healthcare

In the last few years, IT security incidents and hacking are increasing steadily, and many healthcare organizations have struggled to defend their network perimeter and keep cybercriminals at bay.

Webinar: Developing your Cyber Career Action Plan

It gives you a structured framework for exploring your interest in cyber, researching cyber positions, learning about cyber policies and standards, learning cyber tools, obtaining cyber / IT certifications, as well as applying for cyber jobs.