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Webinar: Avalon – Threat Analysis Platform

On Tuesday, June 14th, 2018 we discussed Avalon, a free SaaS web application enabling security analysts to reduce time spent on threat investigations from hours to minutes through real-time

Cybersecurity Risks in Healthcare

Healthcare cybersecurity is a growing concern. In the last few years, IT security incidents and hacking are increasing steadily, and many healthcare organizations have struggled

Identifying Your Dream Job | Cover6 Solutions

Identifying your Dream Job

Before I start to help, I always like to ask them this question; What is your dream job? I ask this because no matter how much I would want it to be, I understand #Cyber may not be for everyone.

Webinar: Human Factors in Cybersecurity

Human error is the primary contributing factor that leads to malicious activity in cybersecurity. Other domains such as aviation, healthcare, and nuclear power have capitalized on human factors.

Webinar: SOC Analyst Fundamentals

When most people hear “hacking,” they think of offensive tools and software. Still, defensive tools play a big part in incident prevention, handling, response/recovery, and forensics.