Bio: Brandon McIntosh

Brandon McIntosh is an Information Security Analyst and Blogger with the Cover6 Solutions Team. Brandon hopes to one day be an innovative Cybersecurity expert by continuing to develop his craft. Additionally, he hopes to share his journey via his Blogs on the Cover6 Solutions webpage. Bradon’s blog posts will be related to the D.C. Cyber Security Professionals meetup groups, and various topics both past and present in the cybersec world.

Brandon is a recent graduate of the Masters of Cybersecurity program at the University of Maryland University College.  Brandon began dabbling in information security as an adolescent when he figured out how to take advantage of a vulnerability related to his VTech electric learning product (ELP). The exploit enabled him to use the hardware as an eavesdropping device to listen to phone calls on his landline. It was during his undergraduate studies at Bowie State University that he developed a better understanding of information security while taking a Criminialistics course. It was then that he realized he had a true passion for techniques associated with information security.  Brandon is now looking to both learn and work as a contributing team member of Cover6 Solutions in order to continue to build his skillset.

Brandon is an innovative #InfoSec Analyst and Blogger for Cover6 Solutions interested in #pentesting, vulnerability assessments, and IDS/IPS administration.